Monday, November 14, 2005

Mark Recchi: Sidney's Other Mentor

It seems that Mario Lemieux isn't the only one mentoring Sidney Crosby these days.

From Joe Sager of

Most 18-year-olds don’t have a 37-year-old big brother.

It seems Sidney Crosby has found one in Mark Recchi.

Crosby gained a “big brother” when he came to Pittsburgh this year and Recchi, one of the Penguins’ many veterans, took the young phenom under his wing.

“Absolutely, even though I am pretty close to his father’s age,” Recchi said with a laugh. “We talk a lot off the ice and in the dressing room. He’s my roommate on the road. We’re able to talk about hockey and about a lot of things.”

Indeed. While many of the Penguins help Crosby adapt to life in the NHL, Recchi and Crosby have formed a special bond on and off the ice. They’ve been linemantes, off and on, since the beginning of training camp. And, while lines have been shuffled at times, the two have stayed together from a productivity standpoint.

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