Monday, November 07, 2005

Timeout with Sidney Crosby

Alan Hahn of has a Q&A with Sidney Crosby.

Has living with Mario Lemieux and his family had any impact on your relationship on the ice as linemates?

To be honest with you, when we're home there's not a lot of talk about hockey. When we're away from the rink, we talk about other things, you know, to clear your head. But maybe on a chemistry level, just confidence and trust and communicating is probably the biggest thing. Just being comfortable talking to him. When I first met him, it was a little intimidating. I mean, I grew up watching him play.

...and my favourite
Have you answered these same questions like 100 times by now?

No [laughs]. Well, there's a bunch I've answered already at certain times. But it's fine.

Full article here.

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