Sunday, November 20, 2005

Penguins 3 - Flyers 6: Philly's Revenge!

The Flyers didn't just get mad, they got pissed and stuffed the Penguins 6 to 3 after giving up a late lead against the Atlanta Thrashees on Friday night.

Sidney did score one goal in his 19:42 of ice time, but he also went -2 on the night! Ruh-roh!

The Philadelphia Flyers made a third-period lead hold up this time, even while seemingly preoccupied with whether Pittsburgh rookie Sidney Crosby stands up nearly enough.

Crosby scored the winning goal on a breakaway Wednesday, and also got Pittsburgh's first goal in the rematch. He also had one of his first on-ice confrontations with an established star, yelling expletives at Peter Forsberg when the Flyers' star made a hand gesture suggesting Crosby dives to take penalties -- a theme initiated earlier in the week by Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock.

"It's not the first time I've been accused of something, but it's pretty obvious what they're trying to do. Obviously, they're trying to get me off my game. ... But it's something that isn't there," said Crosby, who has four goals and two assists in three games against Philadelphia.

Hmm, Peter Forsberg making diving hand gestures? Maybe Forsberg, the NHLs premier diver, was just trying to give Sidney some pointers?

Full game recap here.

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