Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sid Vicious Fights Back!

With the anti-Sid backlack piling on by the day, Sidney is fighting back, at least on the ice. Off the ice, he's as cool as a cumcumber and showed little emotion or reaction at being left off of Team Canada.

From the Toronto Star:
Somehow, in the past five or six weeks, Sidney Crosby supposedly turned into Sid Vicious.

As the fortunes of the Pittsburgh Penguins plummeted, the golden boy of the re-launched National Hockey League has been slagged in various major hockey circles as a diver, a whiner, too ambitious, insensitive to fired coach Ed Olczyk and too young to be named alternate captain by new bench boss Michel Therrien.

This reminds me of THE ROCK in the WWE/WWF. He was promoted as the Golden Boy and he was pushed hard onto the fans. Rather than react positively, the fans turned on him and cheered more for the 'bad' guys. Let the fans make up their own minds. In time, they'll realize Sid is a good kid with jaw-dropping skill.

Open season on Sid the Kid began Nov. 16 when he had two or three teeth broken by Philadelphia Flyers' Derian Hatcher. No penalty was called, except on Crosby when he came out of the medical room and was roughed up by Hatcher again and yapped to the referee.

With his needle now pushed firmly into the red, Crosby took control of the game and won it in overtime.

But Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock chirped about him diving and Peter Forsberg chided him for not being rugged enough to take the pounding he can expect all his career.

Full story here.

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