Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Defense of Sidney Crosby

In the face of some major media backlash against Sidney Crosby (Don Cherry, I'm looking at YOU), it's nice to see Jim Kelley take up the cause and defend Sidney from the jealous hordes.

Tis the season to be jolly, kind, caring, understanding and compassionate of others, unless of course one of the "others" is hockey phenom Sidney Crosby.

In recent days and in contrast to the Christmas spirit or even the basic idea of good will toward young men, Sid the Kid, the heir apparent to the title of Great One in the National Hockey League has been savaged seemingly to the tune of a tirade-a-day by analysts and commentators who seem to be united in their opinion that the 18-year-old hockey player is a mouthy jerk who doesn't deserve his assistant captain's title, a rumored spot on the Canadian Olympic team, a right to protest calls made against him or his team and/or a right to open his mouth regards his former coach or his new coach. According to some, Crosby shouldn't even be allowed to billet in team owner/player Mario Lemieux's home. The way the criticism is mounting, he shouldn't even be allowed to do interviews, drive a car, pick up a pizza or even come within sight of Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena without genuflecting to all the great players who have stepped on to its ice in the 30-plus years prior to his arrival there.

Memo to both respected colleagues and pretend ones: lighten up.

Making an 18-year-old hockey player your personal whipping boy may seem like good sport. And in the case of my Sportsnet co-worker Bill Watters, it may be well-intentioned constructive criticism. The fact of the matter is though, Sid the Kid is a kid and he's going to do things and say things that are probably not in the best interest of the Penguins and himself. Get over it. It's part of what young people do.

Agreed. Read the full article HERE.

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