Monday, December 12, 2005

Detroit, Red Wings get first look at Crosby

While the Philly Flyers claimed not to be impressed with Sidney Crosby, your future hall of famer and rookie of the year, the Detroit Red Wings aren't playing that game and give respect where it's due.

Normally the Pittsburgh Penguins coming to town wouldn't generate much of a buzz.

Sidney Crosby changes everything.

Crosby, 18, the anointed future of the NHL -- and possible savior of the Pittsburgh franchise -- plays his first game in Detroit tonight.

With the new NHL regular-season scheduling formula, Crosby might not be here again for three years, so relish it, Hockeytown.

"You can't have 30 points in this league -- it's not a boys' league -- unless you're a heck of a player," Wings coach Mike Babcock said of Crosby.

"(At age) 18, I was in my second year of junior," Kirk Maltby said. "I couldn't imagine, really, but he's a well-spoken kid, and he seems to take it all in stride. He has good people around him such as Mario (Lemieux, the Penguins' owner and team captain) to deal with the pressure."

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