Monday, December 05, 2005

Crosby adapting to his fame.

It seems Sir Sidney has easily made the transition from junior star to rock star. For all of the 'hot dog' comments and anti-Crosby rhetoric that seems to be popping up, everyone around the kid says nothing but good things about it. Crosby is no Mark Messier (at least not yet)

"Oh my God! It's Sidney Crosby!"

Someone screamed that out of a bus window. The bus squealed to a stop. And a dozen teenage girls - students from Quebec - barreled out, dashing after their teenage hockey hero down a street in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Crosby, who had been walking back from lunch, sprinted around the corner with his personal trainer, Andy O'Brien. They jumped in the car and bolted.

That was last summer. Crosby seemed stunned by fans' reaction then, O'Brien said, recalling the story. And he probably would be even now, a quarter of the way through a rookie NHL season in which the 18-year-old Penguins center has fulfilled the incredible expectations of him.

"He has this attitude of not paying attention to (his celebrity), so eventually when you're around him, you forget about it as well," said O'Brien, the Panthers' first-year strength and conditioning coach and Crosby's trainer the past five years. "He doesn't carry himself like anybody special."

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