Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Penguins: Disaster Averted?

Some breaking news off of the wire.
(KDKA) PITTSBURGH- Just days after Mario Lemieux struck fear in the hearts of Pittsburgh hockey fans, suggesting it may be too late to keep his team in town, KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan has learned about a new deal that could keep the Pens here for a long time.

Under an "agreement of terms" reached yesterday with city and county leaders, the Penguins will get development rights to the current Mellon Arena site if the team can come up with $300 million to build a new arena.

As KDKA first reported two weeks ago, the Pens are actually close to naming a partner to apply for a slots license. As part of their application, this as yet unnamed partner will agree to use gambling proceeds to build a new arena for $300 million.

Pittsburgh's Sports and Exhibition Authority is expected to approve this agreement during a vote later this week; but ultimately, the deal depends on the Penguins' partner getting the slots license.

For now, though, sources tell KDKA that Lemieux is satisfied that progress is being made.

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