Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Penguins 2 - Flyers 4: Double Trouble

The Penguins lost to the Flyers...AGAIN!
The Penguins got doubled up...AGAIN!

10 straight losses now for the Penguins, which is even worse than the 0-4-5 streak they started the season with. None of the last 10 losses have gone to OT!

This time? Blame the triumphant return of evil Peter Forsberg.

With the Flyers seemingly headed toward their 17th overtime game, Forsberg won a faceoff in the offensive zone, and Derian Hatcher took a wrist shot. Knuble redirected the puck with his stick blade from the slot past Marc-Andre Fleury for his 22nd goal and another dramatic Philadelphia victory.

"The only thing I did all day was win a faceoff at the end,'' said Forsberg, who missed two games because of an abdominal muscle strain. "We shouldn't keep it that close after going up 2-0.''
Blah, humbug!!

Sir Sidney finished with 1 assist and went -1 in 20:32 of ice time. He regressed in face-offs, but did finish 10 for 21. Not bad at all.

"It's always tough to lose when you're that close,'' said center Sidney Crosby, who had his 31st assist. "We played two pretty good hockey games. But hanging our heads and getting frustrated over it is not going to help us in the next game or the long run.''
What else can the Penguins do? It really can't get much worse, can it?

Full game recap here.

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