Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Penguins 1 - Oilers 3: Bugger off, Horcoff!

Shawn Horcoff certainly helped me in my office pool with all three Oilers goals in a 3-1 win over the hapless Penguins.

After a post-snub tear, Crosby was held pointless on the night. He finished EVEN with just 2 shots on goal and 3 missed shots in 18:11 of ice time. He can thank Mr. Peca for that.

After the game, coach Therrien was none too pleased with his ‘defense’

“I am not impressed. It’s a pathetic performance. Half of the team doesn’t care,” Penguins coach Michel Therrien said. “That defensive squad; I am really starting to believe their goal is to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They are doing such a great job to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They turn the puck over; they have no vision; they are soft. I have never seen a bunch of defensemen as soft as this."

“There are a lot of guys who don’t care. They pretend to care, but I know they don’t care,”
he continued. “What’s the solution? We’re going to find the solution."

A solution? Well, that’s GM Craig Patrick’s problem. When you put together a team that has less defensive ability and defensive interest than Valeri Bure, it’s pretty hard to fix with any amount of coaching.

Full game recap here.

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