Sunday, January 08, 2006

Penguins 3 - Atlanta 4: Crosby's Losing It!

If you had January 7th, 2006, as the date Sidney Crosby finally 'snapped' from all of the pressure, consider yourself TEH WINNAH!!!

He didn't turn into the Green Hulk, but it's obvious that Sid is losing his composure and the Penguins have nobody to protect him from opposing numbnuts like Ilya Kovalchuk.

Crosby took four penalties Saturday - including a diving minor late in the second period that led to an unsportsmanlike conduct call when he gestured to referee Stephane Auger from the penalty box. The Thrashers did not score on that power play, but did while Crosby was serving his first penalty, for hooking.
Sidney finished with 2 assists, -1, 2 shots on goal and a respectable 12 for 27 on faceoffs in 19:15 of ice time. Still, the 4 minors really negate much of the good work he had done setting up teammates.

With the assists, Sidney now has points in 10 straight games, which no other rookie has done this season.

Full game recap here.

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