Thursday, January 26, 2006

Penguins 8 - Crapitals 1: Sidney pwns Ovechkin


After losing 10 straight games
After losing Zigmund Palffy to retirement
After losing Mario Lemieux to retirement, and
After losing ground to Alexander Ovechkin in the Calder race, Sidney Crosby said "Enough is Enough" (Well, not really, but I must post one cliche a day) and the Penguins smacked around the Washington Capitals like a cheating husband on The Jerry Springer Show.

Once again, it was a battle of the two wunderkinds, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Unfortunately, both kids aren't making this any fun and refuse to turn it into a personal battle:

Crosby: “I don’t think it’s any more gratifying winning this one [since it was against Ovechkin],” Crosby said. “I think the only thing gratifying is just getting a win after the tough times we’ve been through and the way we did it. Scoring goals is nice and it’s well deserved. We’ve all worked really hard and only allowed one goal, too, which is nice. Everyone chipped in and it was nice to see that.”

Ovechkin: “It’s another game. Of course I think about this game, but I don’t think what I must do to win the battle between me and Crosby. I think about what I must do to help this team,” Ovechkin said. “He is a good player. If I have a chance to watch his games, I watch. He’s fun to watch. He’s a great player.”

Booooring!! Throw us a frickin' bone, here!!

Well, Sidney finished with 1 goal, 3 assists, +2, 7 shots on goal, and 8 for 17 on the draw in 18:13 of ice time. Oh, and the Penguins finally won after losing 10 straight. Phew!

Full game recap here.

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