Monday, February 13, 2006

NHLers love Ovechkin more than Crosby

Oh dear, it seems that jealousy has gotten the better of the NHL players. No, really :)


The Hockey News asked 30 NHLers, "What rookie do you think is having the biggest impact?”

Of the 30 players polled, 25 players (83 per cent) said Alexander Ovechkin, while two (7 per cent) said each of Sidney Crosby and Marek Svatos. One player said Henrik Lundqvist.
The two players who picked Crosby...

"I heard they had 8,000 in Chicago for a game against Philadelphia, one of the best teams in the league, then when Pittsburgh came in the next game the place was packed. I'd say that's having a big impact." - Scott Thornton

”The guy came in with a ton of pressure and all these expectations and I feel that he has delivered. He is the whole athletic package. He is a great on-ice and off-ice product and is great for marketing and endorsing the NHL. He is probably not only one of the most impact rookies, but I think one of the most high-profile players in the whole league this season.” - Mike Knuble
Giving Crosby credit for the marketing? Well, you can thank the media for that. It's not as if Crosby is going out and self-promoting himself. Both him and Ovechkin just mind their business and put on a show for us to watch. Still, 'impact' does mean both on and off-ice effect on the league. As more and more people see Ovechkin score highlight reel goals and warm up to his infectious enthusiam for the game, he'll be considered just as 'must-see' as Sid.

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