Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sidney Sticks up for his Street Crew

CBC Sports reports that Sidney Crosby is joining the battle to save street hockey in Halifax. This isn't the first time that a lame city council has decided to ban or try to ban street hockey. Why, it's better that they sit inside and play XBox all day and fatten up, rather than play Canada's #1 game and stay trim and healthy.

A proposed bylaw that threatens the survival of street hockey in Halifax doesn't sit well with NHL star Sidney Crosby.

Crosby, who grew up in Cole Harbour, N.S., has sent an e-mail to Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly asking him to rethink a vaguely-worded law that could possibly be used to ban street game.

NHL star Sidney Crosby doesn't want street hockey banned in Halifax. (CP Photo)
In his note, Crosby explained how much he enjoyed playing street hockey as a child.

"(Street hockey) was just something he enjoyed doing as a youngster," said Crosby's mother, Trina, in an interview with Canadian Press.

Halifax's proposed bylaw is an effort by the city to stop any behaviour that could impede traffic or threaten the safety of children.
Let's hope Sidney's 'Street Cred' will help kids be able to continue to play street hockey in Halifax.

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