Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Cheer Up, Sid"

A Quiet Girl, Senators fan and enemy of the state, tries to cheer up Sidney Crosby after her Senators destroyed him and the Penguins the other night.

I've got a problem
with everyone I know
I've got a problem and
I want everyone to know
I got home late from a rink
off the power grid
I say it sucked because I'm Sid
I'm gonna cry
I'm gonna scream
I'm gonna say what I don't mean
I'm gonna cry
I'm gonna mope
I'm gonna give up all my hope
I'm bringing everybody down
Greet everybody with a frown
I'll just wait for death to come around
Cheer up, Sid!
It's a brand new day
It'll be okay ...

If you really want to cheer him up, send him a Dany Heatley to play alongside. Not only would Sid get a good linemate, but also somebody with worse looking teeth.

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