Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sid Soaks up Summer

How much Summer could Sidney soak if Sidney could soak Summer?


The Halifax Daily News gives us our little bit of off-season Sidney news, at last!

"I just make sure I don't head to the mall on a Saturday afternoon or anything like that," joked Crosby, while at the same time being brutally honest. "But I do find time to relax and do the things I want to do. I guess I probably just have to think things through a little more. Just be aware of where I'm going and things like that.

"But I wouldn't trade playing in the NHL for anything. I'm lucky to be where I am."

So how does Crosby, one of the league's biggest stars, spend a relaxing day at home in the summer? Actually, like most teenagers his age.

"I like going to the lake, going to the beach and I like to golf a little bit when I can," said Crosby, who recently bought his first house, which is located outside of the city.

"Once you get closer to training camp, that diminishes a bit. You don't get a chance to do all that stuff as much because you're training and skating. I guess this is the part of the summer where you're able to enjoy your afternoons. Spend time hanging out with friends or going on a little vacation."
Golfing? Going to the lake? ZZZzz.... what about the orgys and the drinking?

Crosby is working out every day to get quicker and stronger for next season. Most of his off-ice training takes place at Saint Mary's University in Halifax.

"Off the ice, it's important that I'm in good shape and am able to do the same things I did last year," said Crosby, who turns 19 on Aug. 7. "But from my perspective, also, it's a team view and we're pushing to make the playoffs and being competitive. I think for me, my motivation comes from working hard and making sure I do my part to make us competitive. I know we have a great group of young guys, and everyone has great energy and wants to do well.

"If everyone has that same attitude, we're going to be successful."
Unfortunately, Sidney can't train his teammates not to suck so much.

Pushing to make the playoffs? It's good to have dreams.

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