Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sidney Crosby Teleconference

This happened a few days ago, but I just caught it now.
Sid the Kid gave one of those teleconferences where jabronis from across the many nations can ask him questions and he can pretend he enjoys answering them. You can get the full transcript HERE!

The highlights:

Q. Looking at your numbers from last year, you saw at least a minute less in ice team per game than all five guys who finished ahead of you in the scoring race. This season, do you expect your ice time to change? Has Coach Therrien said anything to you about that?

SIDNEY CROSBY: We haven't talked about it, so I'm not really sure. I think with the way we play, we usually go with two units on the power play that are pretty even. I think they like to keep it close to a minute each. That might be the difference.

We haven't really talked about that a whole lot. It depends on the situations you play in, if I'm going to be used on the penalty kill a little bit more, things like that. It's not something I'm really worried about. I think when he feels it's right to put me out there in the right situation, I'll be out there.

It's up to me to earn those situations, as well, late in the game, on the penalty kill, things like that. We'll see what happens.

Q. Looking back to last year, it seems that you and Alex Ovechkin will be linked for quite some time because of the great rookie years you had. What is your relationship like with him?

SIDNEY CROSBY: We've met on a few occasions. I don't really know. I think we talk about each other more than we actually know about each other. It's just one of those things where we bump into each other, say hello. It's not someone that I talk to weekly or anything like that. We're opponents. We respect each other. I don't think it goes beyond that.

Q. After Mr. Ovechkin rejected captaincy in Washington, and you were not awarded it for Pittsburgh Penguins this year, are you ready to be the next leader after Lemieux retired in Pittsburgh?

SIDNEY CROSBY: I haven't really talked about it a whole lot to be honest. Coach Therrien talked to me after they decided to go with three assistants. He told me to focus on being a better assistant captain. That's what I told him I wanted to work on. After he told me that, that was completely cool with me.

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