Monday, January 22, 2007

Sidney Crosby: Impressed with the new 'Duds'

While most of the hardcore fans moan the crappy conceptual design and the wonder why the NHL is bother changing the uniforms, one of the best things about the game, Sidney Crosby and many of the players seem to be happy with the improvements.

The NHL's new look doesn't seem that different, at first glance.

But Sidney Crosby, for one, says the time is right for the uniform overhaul. "It's a new era, a new game," the Pittsburgh Penguins star told a news conference Monday. "We have all this new equipment, skates, sticks and everything, but we were wearing the same jerseys for how long? I think it was just time to have something new."

The Reebok uniforms are made of more modern material that makes the new uniforms lighter, cooler, slightly tighter, more stretchable, and more water-resistant.

The players will wear the new gear at Wednesday's all-star game and all the league's players will follow suit next season.

The new uniforms have been three years in development and got plenty of feedback from the players. Crosby, who is sponsored by Reebok, spent countless hours on the project last summer.

Crosby, whose legs are like tree trunks, was particularly interested in the new pants.

"With me, a lot of times I have problems with pants like on the inside of the leg because they're a bit tighter," the 19-year-old said. "With these ones, it was trial and error, we made it so that it doesn't matter how big your legs are they wrap right around your leg and conforms right to it. That's really nice."

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