Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sidney Dons the New Duds

What better model for the new 'duds' than Sidney Crosby?
Sidney Crosby

They don't look that bad to me, but that picture is extremely airbrushed. I've seen some other concept designs and they look bad.

Mr. Reality Check is already set to burn these things in a big bonfire:
I'll be frank, downright, and straight to the point: These new NHL streamlined jersey are butt ugly!

Why in the world does anyone at the NHL level feel they are even needed. They're a joke!

These tight fitting atrocities fit to the form of the players, making them look more muscular. I don't believe that it is worth sacrificing the games sacred emblems and logo's for these vertical streamed disasters. Hockey jerseys are the most treasured jersey in sport. This is not some baseball shirt or flabby basketball muscleshirt the NHL is tampering with, it is the most unique and beautiful paraphernalia in all of sport.

Doesn't anyone get that tradition is important to hockey fans. Buffalo's new Sabreslug pyjama's don't look any better when Buffalo's winning. They still look out of place. Hockey fans, the game's die hards that are the sports foundation, will be reviled.
We know the NHL doesn't do things for the diehards. Die-hard fans will not jump ship because Sidney dons a sleeker uniform with uglier designs.

Obviously, this is a big marketing initiative and it just MAY improve performance. My only beef is that they are messing with good clean designs and seem hell-bent on using too many lines and too much 'noise'. Keep it simple, stupid!

Kukla's Korner also has more on the new duds.

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