Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sidney Crosby Q&A

Sidney Crosby took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for Lance Hornby.

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Some of the select ones...
Q. Why should the Penguins stay in Pittsburgh when a Canadian city would support them just as much, if not more?

A. Because they deserve a team here. The fans have done their part, they come out whether we're in the bottom of the standings or when we're playing well, they're behind us. They've been through a lot of tough times and they deserve a team. We want to be the ones playing in front of them during the good times. Hopefully, that's the way it turns out.

Q. Atlanta coach Bob Hartley said the other night that you're as fine a defensive player as you are an offensive one. Whom do you credit for that?

A lot of people. Growing up, I was lucky enough to have coaches who made sure I became a complete player. I can remember my father always telling me 'you have to be good in your own end, too; don't think as an offensive player because you take too many things for granted'. That made an impact and (Pens' coach Michel) Therrien has been great. He's made an impact throughout the year.

Q. What have you learned from Evgeni Malkin, on and off the ice. Any good Russian lines?

(Laughing) No good words, though I've heard a lot of bad ones from him. You look at him and guys like Ilya Kovalchuk and you always wonder how there's such a focus on skill in Russia. To see what he does in practice is great and I learn a little from that

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