Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sidney Crosby = Bobby Orr?

Sidney Crosby is eventually going to be compared to every living and dead NHL legend at least once in his career.

This time, it's Bobby Orr that he's being compared to, courtesy of Ed Johnston.

From the legendary Red Fisher:
Pittsburgh front-office executive Ed Johnston was talking about Sid Crosby (surprise! surprise!) when the Penguins visited the Bell Centre last Saturday.

"He reminds me of Bobby," said Johnston, who was Bobby Orr's longtime teammate in Boston. "Bobby practised harder than any other player on the Bruins, and this kid practises just as hard. Heck, Orr would block shots in practices, and I'd be yelling at him to stop.

" 'That's my job!' I'd say, but he kept on blocking shots,"
former goaltender Johnston said.

"You know ... we've had some great players in Pittsburgh. Mario ... Jaromir Jagr ... and Crosby. Now we've got (Evegeni) Malkin and (Jordan) Staal along with Crosby down the middle. And they're all going to get better," Johnson added.

"I don't think any other team can match us."
Crosby's work ethic is well known, but Orr practically revolutionized the game and started the trend of rushing defensemen. What can Crosby do to change the game? Commercials? Gretzky does 300 a day. Making pretty passes? Mario Lemieux did that. Lacross style goal? Been there, done that.

I'm not sure what the kid can do to change the game, so let's just sit back and watch him just excel at everything else.

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