Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sidney's Giving Back to the Kids


On the heels of his Crosbyness' 6-point effort comes news that El Sid will be giving back to the community and generously donating his name and time to promote Timbits hockey, a great program up here in Canada.

Here is the news release:
OAKVILLE, ON, Dec. 13 /CNW/ - Tim Hortons announced today a multi-year
partnership with Sidney Crosby, Canada's young NHL star. Crosby will lend his
name to the program where he started, Timbits Minor Hockey.

Sidney has a natural connection to Timbits Hockey through his
participation back in 1993. At age 5, Sidney played for the Cole Harbour
Timbits in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Standing at 3' 11" Sidney wore jersey
No. 8 and played centre, clearly a sign of things to come.

Beginning January 1, 2007 a national television advertising campaign in
English and French will feature Sidney and some current Timbits players
promoting the philosophy of Timbits Hockey: "The First Goal is Having Fun".
In-store posters and tray liners throughout all Tim Hortons locations will
also support this message.

"I am proud to represent Timbits Hockey," said Sidney Crosby. "In my
early days of playing hockey, my parents and coaches always reinforced the importance of having fun. That is something I take to the ice with me everyday."

"Sidney is an ideal ambassador for Timbits Hockey," said Rob Forbes,
Director of Regional Marketing and Hockey Development, Tim Hortons. "As a role
model Sidney inspires with his positive attitude and fun approach while still
being grounded in family and community. Sidney Crosby embodies the philosophy
of Timbits Hockey."

Timbits Minor Hockey began over 25 years ago. As part of the program, Tim
Hortons works with local hockey associations in communities across Canada and
the U.S. to help by providing player jerseys, participation medals and hockey
Jamborees to over 50,000 players a year. Many Timbits Hockey players get a
once in a lifetime opportunity to play an intermission feature during an NHL
or Canadian Hockey League game.
How many hours does Alexander Ovechkin spend promoting youth hockey in Russia? 0.0!

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