Friday, January 25, 2008

Pens v Flyers (L 3-4)

I had a headache before this game began - I ended up with a migraine at the end of it. It was another surreal meeting between these two cross state rivals. For a good recap, check out Empty Netters or For the record, here are some of the things that infuriated me most about last night's game:
  • Bob Errey referred to Danny Briere as Michel Briere. He apologized for it but then laughed about it! UNCOOL, Bob. Uncool.

  • In Philadelphia, what is a penalty to one team apparently is not a penalty to the other. [sarcasm] Great job, refs! [/sarcasm]

  • Anyone who dares to compare Georges Laraque's "hit" on Steve Downie to Downie's hit on Dean McAmmond will be banned for life from TSCS. The two incidents have nothing in common save the fact that Downie was involved in both. McAmmond was left unconcious following Downie's hit; Downie came back minutes later and was involved in a fight with Ryan Stone (see below) following Laraque's hit. For that matter, Paul Steigerwald should be ashamed of his sympathetic tone towards Downie when comparing these two incidents. It was beyond disgusting, and I'm sure McAmmond, who suffered a concussion and a shoulder injury as a result of the vicious hit from Downie, would take issue with these incidents being compared as equal. (By the way, don't for one second think that I'm condoning what Laraque did. I'm merely pointing out that the severity of this hit pales in comparison to Downie's hit on McAmmond.)

  • Immediately following the Laraque/Downie incident, Flyers coach John Stevens sent Riley Cote in to goad Ryan Malone into a fight. Malone smartly didn't fall for it. What was Stevens trying to do, turn this already tense game into a repeat of the December 11 game? What a classless move by Stevens for setting it up and by Cote for agreeing to be the thug.

  • Downie, who just a short time before had been dazed and confused on the ice, and Stone got in that aforementioned fight. Seth from Empty Netters sums it up nicely:
    Downie and Stone decide to go at it at the Penguins blue line. They throw a couple of wild punches before Stone's jersey is pulled over his head. Downie wrestles him to the ice and throws a couple punches. Not only did Downie throw punches at Stone as he lay on the ice, he wore a visor and his fight strap didn't appear to be tied down. Shouldn't he get kicked out for that?
    Apparently that rule doesn't apply to the Flyers when they're in Philadelphia. Oh, and that 20-game suspension obviously didn't teach him much, so why even bother?
  • Late Edit: I missed it (sleeping will do that), but Downie was ejected for the fight strap thing - 10 minutes later.
The Pens will face the Flyers again on February 10. Hold on tight because it's bound to be another ruckus. This time it will be at the Mellon Arena.

The All Star games are being held this weekend. If you didn't already hear, Evgeni Malkin will be taking Sidney's spot on the roster for the Eastern Conference, though I'm not sure why he didn't have a spot of his own already...


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