Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something To Waste Time On A Sunday

Good Friend of The Show Loser Chris pointed this story out to me: Sidney's game worn Winter Classic jersey was sold at auction for - [*GULP*] - $45,000!!! Um... That's more than I paid for both cars I've owned (both were brand new) PUT TOGETHER!!! Wow.

Those are some pricey threads!

Speaking of the Winter Classic, the guys from The 2-Man Advantage were there talking to fans and tailgating in the parking lot before the game. It's the best look I've seen so far of what it was really like out there:

And finally today, remember how I told you about FSN airing a segment called "The Best of Mic'd Up" during an intermission at the game in Atlanta? Well, Good Friend of The Show Alex M. found the video for us:

Still no word on Sid's condition. Once there is a press release, I'll post it here as soon as I can. The Pens play the Caps tomorrow night. GO PENS!!!

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