Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Need Your Help

Did you attend the recent Pens game in Atlanta? If you did, I need a HUGE favor from you: We got a request from a new Friend of The Show, a woman named Gina. She is the mother of two of the young hockey players that were featured with their Penguins counterparts just before the start of the game. She would like to know if any of you out there got a good photo of either of her girls:
This is a long shot... I'm the mom of the little girl who was paired with Sidney Crosby at the opening of the Jan. 12 game with the Thrashers. I wasn't able to get a good picture of them together. Any chance anyone has one they could email? We also have another daughter paired with [Colby] Armstrong at the Nat'l Anthem - any good photos of those two would also be much appreciated! The girls had the time of their life!
Thanks, Gina
If anyone can help her out with pictures of her daughters, you can e-mail them to her by clicking this link: E-mail Gina (Don't forget to let us know how you make out, Gina!)

If you've been a Penguins fan for even just a month, you know the Pens love to give back to the Pittsburgh community, especially the children. Yesterday, the team paid another visit to the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital. Friend of The Show Frank D. of shares the story with us:

Sid tries to play pool while Kris Letang plays with K'Nex.
Following the 4-1 win over the Rangers on Monday, the Pens were set to have the next three days off until the Lightning come to town on Friday. Perhaps Tuesday was a time for them to rest and relax, but Wednesday was not.

The Penguins visited Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital on Wednesday to sign autographs, hand out blankets and cheer up the sick patients at the hospital. Class act.
The Saint's Tiniest Fan
Class act, indeed! Make sure you check out Frank's site. He's got all the details, quotes from the players about Wednesday's visit, and a picture of Mad Max Talbot taking on the kids in a game of "Don't Wake Daddy." Also, Frank graciously provided today's photos of Sid (which he got from the Pens' official website - click the link to see all the pictures from yesterday's visit, including several more of Sir Sidney).

THERE'S A GAME TOMORROW!!! (Does anyone else feel like it's been months since the last one?!) We're going to have
to deal with round 2 of "Who's better: Crosby or Lecavalier?!" tomorrow when the Tampa Bay Lightning come to Pittsburgh. GO PENS!!!

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