Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Contests Are Awesome

Remember that Men's Fitness Magazine cover? Who am I kidding? Of course you do - whether you want to buy enough copies to use as wallpaper in your bedroom or you're just now recovering from the fits of laughter, this one seems like it will remain as talked about as Sid's GQ and Vanity Fair appearances. It's generating some buzz over at AOL Fanhouse. Our Friend Eric B. from The Sidney Crosby Spotlight also weighs in on the issue (pun intended, haha).

Even more about that Men's Fitness Magazine appearance: Friend of The Show Mike H. found this article on the Pens' website yesterday. It features Sid's teammates giving him a really hard time about the muscle definition in that picture:
“It’s nice when they can airbrush pretty much anything,” Penguins winger Colby Armstrong, one of Crosby’s closest friends, said with a laugh. “I don’t to get to take really sweet pictures like that for a lot of covers. So, I just get generic pictures taken at Wal-Mart and get them developed there. I don’t look so hot. It must be nice to get them like his. He probably did about 100 pushups and ate a little turtle soup before that photo shoot. That’s pretty cool for him to be on the cover. I am kind of jealous about it. I’d be on the cover of Men’s Fast Food – with no shirt on.”

“He denies it was airbrushed. He said they taught him how to flex while the pictures were being taken. He must have done something – maybe some bench pressing just to make his pecs look big. He’s a big kid, but he must have been flexing a little,” Defenseman Ryan Whitney said. “They did a good job with the lighting and stuff like that. I still say his skin looks very, very clear for the front of the magazine,” he said.

Sidney, um, "defined"

The good-hearted ribbing is all done in fun.

“What fun would it be if we didn’t give him a hard time about it? We all kind of live through the stuff he does, so it’s kind of fun,” Armstrong said with a laugh. “He is here all the time. Everyone knows he’s always doing stuff behind the scenes. So, we try to lighten it up for him a bit by bugging him about it or cracking a joke about it. I think it maybe makes things a little easier for him. If not, oh well, sorry buddy.”
Poor Sid doesn't stand a chance in that locker room. I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall to hear what they've been saying to him about that picture when there's no media around! It's probably pretty brutal - and hilarious!!!

Still more about that Men's Fitness Magazine appearance: Friend of The Show Laura H. pointed out that the website is having a drawing. You can fill out this form to enter to win "autographed swag from this month's cover guy." No offense to any of you, but I hope I win! ;)

The Penguins website has some new Winter Classic wallpapers. (Click the picture to go directly to the site to choose the right size for your computer's monitor.)

What a game!

Now I have news of ANOTHER magazine appearance for the Saint. This time, he's appearing on SI For Kids. In the interview, he lists some of his favorite things:
[His] favorite movie ...is "Rocky."
Crosby said his favorite actor is Denzel Washington.
When it comes to the ladies, Crosby said he's an Eva Mendes fan.
His favorite foods are protein-filled chicken and carbo-loaded pasta.
His favorite band is Three Days Grace.
When it comes to athletes, Crosby looks away from hockey for inspiration. He said he's a big Tiger Woods fan.

Sorry, gals - you have to wear a shirt on the covers of magazines for kids.

I'm going to leave you tonight with the latest installment from the guys at the 2-Man Advantage. This episode features interviews with Josef Vasicek and ex-Pen Eric Cairns. A little more than midway through the video, Cairns recalls his toughest fight in his entire career. The opponent is exactly who you think it is. It's pretty funny hearing Cairns relate what thoughts were going through his head when said tough guy showed up in Pittsburgh last season - while Cairns was still on the team:

Thanks so much to all who sent in links!!! :)

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