Monday, January 07, 2008

Sid's "Scoring" Workout

Jes's co-blogger over at AOL Fanhouse, Greg Wyshynski, found this gem:
Sidney Crosby is all grows'd up. That would be Sid the Kid on the cover of the Jan. 14 issue of Men's Fitness magazine a publication that certainly enjoys BLARING HEADLINES! [...] Now, the sub-headline says "Score With His Workout," and that has me intrigued. If they mean score as in Art Ross Trophy kind of scoring, then I imagine we'll see this issue under Jason Spezza's arm the day it hits newsstands. If it means "score" as in "scoring chicks," then I'll be very interested to [learn] how skating wind sprints around small traffic cones can improve my sex life.
HAHAHAHA! And because I know you're dying to see it, here's the cover pic:

Read Greg's entry in its entirety here.


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