Friday, January 18, 2008

Pens v Lightning (L 0-3)
Sidney Sustains A High Ankle Sprain

During tonight's 0-3 loss against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the worst case scenario came true: the Saint suffered the dreaded high ankle sprain - an injury that's been plaguing the Penguins (Maxime Talbot, Marc-Andre Fleury) all season long. This also puts Sid's participation in next week's All Star game in jeopardy. The Associated Press gives the details:
The injury — a high ankle sprain — can sideline an athlete for a month or longer. Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury sustained the same injury Dec. 6 and has yet to return, and it may be well into February before he comes back.

Such a sprain would be certain to cause Crosby to miss the NHL All-Star game Jan. 27 in Atlanta.


Crosby was carrying the puck in the Lightning end when Tampa Bay defenseman Paul Ranger rammed him with his stick, as Crosby was shooting from the right circle, and Crosby swiped at the puck again as he landed on the ice rear-end first. His momentum caused him to slam into the boards awkwardly with his right leg, his left leg raised, apparently unable to cushion himself as he normally would.

Crosby initially got to his feet and began to limp toward the Penguins bench, only to turn around and enter a doorway that leads to the tunnel to the Penguins locker room. He bent over after reaching the walkway and had to be helped to the dressing room.

Ranger was called for slashing on the play, but the Penguins did not score on the ensuing power play.
I will bring you more information about Sid's condition as soon as I can get my hands on it. As for a recap, I was out to dinner with my sister, who is only in town for a brief stay, so I didn't actually watch the game yet. We came back to my house to see the horrifying "highlights" which mainly consisted of repeated loops of the clip of Sid crashing into the boards. Since I'm really tired and super bummed out now, I'm going to go watch the game now, but I won't be doing a recap. Instead, I shall direct you over to Empty Netters for a full recap of tonight's action. (Barring another impromptu family reunion, I will be recapping tomorrow's game as usual.)

Okay, so this is DEFINITELY a setback for the Penguins (losing the best player in the league is never a good thing) but at least we can still rely on our other superstar, Evgeni Malkin, to keep doing what he does best (score goals). We also have Max Talbot back, Ryan Malone was a beast until his leg infection - perhaps he'll find his game again and step it up, Jordan Staal seems like he is always thisclose to scoring and that kid has been huge on the penalty kill, Tyler Kennedy is a feisty player who can score goals and deliver big hits, and Petr Sykora has that wicked release. The situation is far from ideal, but if the other players turn it up a notch and play a little harder in the absence of their captain (which I suspect most of them will), the Penguins will be able to get through it.

And you know Super Sid: He won't stay down for long! Here's hoping Sid has a speedy recovery...

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