Monday, February 11, 2008

Alexander Crosby

Now, I know what you're thinking: Snoop has completely lost it! No, I assure you I did not. And I'm not talking about some NHL superstar-superclone. Something - well someone -much smaller inspired today's title...

Friend of The Show Bryan J. (a.k.a. Eighty-Two) and his wife were blessed with a son this past July. His moniker was, as you have probably already guessed, inspired by two NHL greats. The baby's first name is Alexander. And let me stop you right there! He was not named for Ovechkin, but rather for Alexander Mogilny. Crosby, the baby's middle name, is of course in honor of our title man. Now that's a fan!

So when little Alex was born, Bryan sent the Saint a letter detailing the origin of his son's name. Last Saturday, Bryan received a response and a gift from Sidney to baby Alex. You can read all about it here, then check out the birth announcement so you can see a photo of beautiful little Alex. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Bryan, and belated congratulations to you and your wife! :)

Not yet a father, Sid's got at least one namesake already.

Now, Bryan thinks so highly of Sir Sidney that he's named his son after him. Perhaps you would like a chance to show how much you admire the Saint, too. Well, here's your chance. Sid is once again up for a Dapper Dan award, and you can vote to help Sid add some more hardware to his awards shelf. For anyone who isn't aware of what a Dapper Dan award is, a brief explanation follows (taken from a longer article on The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online):
Dapper Dan has been a man about town in Pittsburgh for nearly three-quarters of a century. Founded in 1936 by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sports editor Al Abrams, the organization has evolved from a businessmen's sports club into one of the region's most recognizable pillars of charity with six fundraising events throughout the year.


The name? It came from an off-hand remark by George "Red" Lai, a restaurant owner in Pittsburgh and one of Abrams' friends. Abrams and his group wanted to attract membership from the sportsmen and businessmen of Pittsburgh, men who were always dapperly dressed. "We could call them Dapper Dans," Lai said.
The Kid and The Big Man are both up for Dapper Dan awards this year. Here is the list of awards for which the Penguins are nominated:
  • Sidney Crosby, Sportsman of the Year
  • Mario Lemieux, Best Athlete In Pittsburgh Sports History
  • Mario Lemieux’s return game from his first retirement (Dec. 27, 2000), Best Moment in Pittsburgh Sports History
  • Penguins win first Stanley Cup (May 25, 1991), Best Moment in Pittsburgh Sports History
  • 1991-92 Penguins (2nd Stanley Cup), Best Team In Pittsburgh Sports History
  • 1992-93 Penguins (Presidents Trophy), Best Team In Pittsburgh Sports History

What a photo, what a player, what an owner, what a human.

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