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An Update On Sid From Max
Breaking News: Sid Returns to Full Practices

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That's right, folks! It's time once again for another edition of

This translation once again comes courtesy of our Francophone good Friend of The Show Lisa-Marie W. Thank you very much - or should I say merci beaucoup! - Lisa, for taking the time to type this up for us!!!
For everyone who doesn't know: Sidney has started skating again.


That's the first word that came to my mind when I saw him skating Wednesday morning. He looked alive on the ice.

Sid has a lot of nicknames, but one of them just fits him perfectly right now. Colby Armstrong and I have started calling him 'Creature', because he really is his own species, a phenomenon of sorts.

On Friday the 8th of February, it will have been 3 weeks since Sidney got hurt. It's exceptional for him to be skating already. We call him creature because of his insane fitness, his devotion, and the speed at which his body heals.

Sidney was telling me Wednesday morning that he still has a lot of pain in his ankle, but that's normal. When I sustained a similar injury, I tried to get on the ice 5 or 6 times a day. Knowing Sidney, he'll be out there 12 times a day. He always pushes it to the maximum. It's simple. When Sidney comes back to the game, he'll just be in even better shape than he was before the injury.

His morale is good. He's really happy to be skating again, and every step of progress is even better for his morale.

Because I've been there already, I try and give him some advice to stay patient and take his time to get back to 100% again. But in the same breath--things are looking really good for him, and for us too.
The Kid - Creature, haha - never ceases to amaze me. Having had a myriad of problems with my own right foot, I can tell you from experience that foot injuries are insanely difficult to heal. That's why, despite my excitement, I have been a little worried since I heard the Saint was skating again. Sure a speedy recovery is what we've all been hoping for Sid, but I certainly didn't want to see him pushing himself too hard and return too soon. (Frankly, I am still in shock that less than three weeks after his injury, he has already been able to even strap on his skates!) But after hearing Max's account of Sid's recovery, I think we can all feel a little more confident that Sid is doing what's best for his body as well as his mind. After all, a happy, healthy Sid is what we're all waiting for, right?

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BREAKING NEWS: So, as I'm typing this post, I see that Joshua (who seems as stoked as I am for Sid's return) has left a comment on the Sidney's Skating post: "SIDNEY CROSBY PARTICIPATING IN FULL PRACTICES OFFICIALLY AS OF FEB 8TH!!!!!!" He also included a link to this article on The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's website:
Penguins captain Sidney Crosby participated in a full practice today for the first time since Jan. 18, when he injured his ankle in a loss to Tampa Bay.

Crosby was expected to miss 6 to 8 weeks with a high right ankle sprain.
I AM STUNNED. I'll quote Lisa here: "Screw Creature, this guy's Superman." AMEN, sister! Perhaps The Sidney Crosby Show (the real one, not this one - haha) is going to resume even sooner than anyone could have ever dreamed...

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