Friday, February 01, 2008

The Pens Should Trade Sid

WHEW! I almost blacked out just typing those words. Let me assure you - this is not an idea I support. In fact, I think it would be the biggest mistake the Penguins organization could ever make. That said, good Friend of The Show Loser Chris explains why the Pens might consider dealing the Saint away in this provocative article over at Taking One For The Team:
... would the Penguins be better off trading Sid?

Ever since early last season a hot topic for Penguins fans has been how will the team keep all of their young talent in Pittsburgh with a salary cap in place. This isn't to say that I don't think the Penguins can keep their core intact. I think the Senators have laid a solid blueprint for locking up the nucleus of your team and staying under the salary cap. I really do think the Penguins can keep Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, and Whitney in the black and gold for the long haul. But that doesn't mean they couldn't improve the team by moving Sid.

"Don't trade me, bro!"

While I love Sid to death and would love nothing more than to see him win several Cups and rewrite the NHL record books in a Penguins jersey, I would not be upset if Crosby was traded in the "right" deal in order to improve the Pens' chances of winning the Stanley Cup. If the right offer came along, I wouldn't hold it against Ray Shero if he took it.
WOW. I can barely wrap my head around that. (You'll have to head on over to TOFTT to see what the "right" deals would be.) Personally I don't believe any deal would be the right deal. It's one thing to set forth the argument that Sid's talent alone would be enough to make trading him a ludicrous mistake. That's a given. But you also have to consider the financial ramifications of getting rid of Sid. Let's face it: Sid not only is the best player in the world, he's the most marketable. His jersey has been the best seller since he entered the NHL. He sells out arenas all over the country. Letting him go would be like setting a big pile of cash on fire. And, needless to say, when Chris sent me this article, I promptly hit the reply button and politely informed him that he and I could no longer be friends. ;)

Now to help you recover, staff hooked me up with this next article. It seems Sidney's appearing on the cover of yet another magazine. This time, he'll be making an appearance on Whirl - a Greater Pittsburgh Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. The accompanying article outlines the camaraderie of this young team as well as how Sir Sidney handles the hype surrounding him:
“You don’t take it for granted,” Crosby explains to me in the most modest of tones. “But you kind of get used to it here since people support the team so well. It’s a lot of fun. The fans are great here. They’re loud.”

It’s noisy in here as well, full of reporters clamoring for a few moments with the players. I notice a motto painted in bold, black letters on the wall of the locker room: IT’S ALL ABOUT PRIDE, COMMITMENT, AND RESPECT.

Don't tread on me - 'cause it'll cost ya.

The Penguins emblem, too, is emblazoned across the center of the carpet in black, white, and gold. It’s under strict “do-not-step-on” orders. “Look out! That’s a hundred-dollar fine!” someone shouts as a reporter, new to the room, nearly treads across the penguin’s head.

The players’ obvious and devout adherence to this rule is just one way they enact the axiom displayed on every wall of the room. Their intense pride, commitment, and respect for the team, the organization and, most of all, each other, is strikingly apparent after only a few minutes in their presence. Perhaps this, in part, is what makes them world-class players worthy of worldwide recognition.
The Pens face the Carolina Hurricanes tomorrow night at 7:30pm Eastern. GO PENS!!!!

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