Monday, February 25, 2008

The Creature, Fights, and Celine Dion

These are some of the things Mad Max Talbot discusses in this next video that good Friend of The Show (and part-time TSCS translator) Lisa-Marie W. sent in for us:

Thanks for sending that in, Lis! :)

That video was also on Empty Netters a few days ago. I told you before, Seth is the freakin' man! Anyhoo, since I read EN during my lunch break at work, I don't generally watch the videos Seth posts - mostly because we don't have speakers on our computers there, haha!)

Speaking of Creature, I found this article from the Beaver County Times & Allegheny Times Online. In it, writer Chris Bradford discusses tomorrow's 3:00pm Eastern trade deadline, as well as why Sid is the best player in the world. (yes, I know we already addressed this issue, but I wouldn't be doing my job as a Sidney Crosby blogger if I didn't bring this to your attention):
There has been some debate recently as to who is the “best player in the NHL.” The names of Russian stars Evgeni Malkin, Crosby’s Penguins teammate, and Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin are the two most frequently mentioned. And rightfully so. They are tied with 82 points each in the Art Ross Trophy race as the NHL’s scoring leader, an award won last season by Crosby.

Ovechkin already has 48 goals, eight more than fellow Russian Ilya Kovalchuk of Atlanta, who is second.

And though Malkin was shut out a second straight game in Sunday’s 2-1 shootout loss to the San Jose Sharks, he and goalie Ty Conklin are the main reasons why the Penguins have even kept in playoff contention — let alone have them just two points from the top of the Eastern Conference — during the time that Fleury (two months) and Crosby (five weeks) have now missed because of high ankle sprains.


So, yes, Malkin and Ovechkin are the two best players in the NHL … when Crosby is not playing. Need a refresher course?

Crosby, who has been out since Jan. 18, was leading the league in scoring at the time with 63 points. By the way, that number is just 19 points fewer than Malkin and Ovechkin. It still ranks Crosby tied for 12th in the league despite having played in 17 fewer games than Malkin or Ovechkin.
As I mentioned earlier, I already talked about this matter, but I have to say that Bradford makes a good point. No matter what you think about Sid, you simply cannot deny it - the fact that Sid has been out of commission for more than a month yet remains tied for 12th in scoring is damn remarkable!!!



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