Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sid @ Practice

I have video I know many of us have been dying to see - Sid at the Penguins' practices!!! First up, here is footage of the Pens' practice on Tuesday (that's our title man in the yellow "don't hit me" jersey):

Here he is giving an interview after Tuesday's practice:

Now this is a clip of the Saint at Wednesday's practice (Sir Sidney's in a black jersey in this one, although the no-hitting rules remained in place):

And here is the interview after Wednesday's practice:

(Thanks to an anonymous tipster who left the link in the comments for us!)

One last thing before tonight's game: Friend of The Show Magda S. sent us this video of a disenchanted ex-Leafs fan who's looking for a new team to support:
After years of torture and heartbreak, I've decided to leave this abusive relationship as a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

If there is a real team out there that needs a good fan, please email me at
Here's his explanation for his decision to cut the Leafs loose in his own words:

Hmmm, what team would you recommend that he should throw his support behind? ;) GO PENS!!!!!!!!

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