Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sid's on another magazine cover. Well, sort of... he's this month's cover feature for Impact! Magazine, the NHL's online magazine. It seems like they conducted Sid's interview before the season started, but it's still worth a look because it's all about NHL captains. Something a little weird - the magazine actually compares Sidney Crosby to Bing Crosby. Say it with me now: W-T-F?! Click the picture to go to the magazine.

After that, head on over to the Philadelphia Flyers' website and see jealousy rear its ugly head in this little gem about how much Philly hates Sidney. Come on, Flyers fans, envy doesn't look good on you. Then again, there's not a lot that does look good on a Flyers fan... :P

Thanks go out to good Friends of The Show Susan W. and Bill in NS for hooking us up with the Impact! link, and thanks go out to our good Friends over at ThePensblog.com for the Flyers link. Make sure you check out the video of the near miss Geno had with the skate of Mike Richards coming up to his face during the last game that ThePensblog found on YouTube. (Take special note of the "I will KILL you" expression on his face immediately after it happens...)

Pens v Rangers tonight. We're at that every-game-counts time of the season... (Not that every game doesn't count, but you know what I mean!) Get ready for a battle!!! :)

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