Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catching Up With the Roamers (part 1)

I've got nine Roaming Penguins stories to post today, so I figured I would break it down into four separate posts. When last we left off, Sidney Penguin was in Germany. A few weeks ago, I got word that he made his way over to Scotland to visit Friend of The Show Gill R.:
I received my Roaming Penguin through the post today and thought you may like to see some pictures. He made it all the way to Perth, Scotland. Sidney Penguin is a great little guy. He has made a friend already which you will see by the pictures.

Meanwhile, Petr Penguin took an educational trip to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh with Friends of The Show Stephanie C. and her son:
Well, today was, I suspected, Petr's last day as an Only Penguin. So I took my son and him to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, one of the nicest botanical gardens around. I didn't get too many good shots, as my camera's been finicky lately, but here are a couple.

Photo #1 is of Petr and the outside of the main building:

Photo #2 is of Petr and the 'chandelier' by Dale Chihuly that hangs in the rotunda:

In #3, Petr enjoys the lovely aroma of an orchid:

#4, one of my favorites, is my son and Petr enjoying this amaxingly beautiful day at the outside fountain. Notice the iron grip with which my son ensures Petr doesn't fall into the fountain? The tall building in the distance is the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning, a really nice Art Deco building:

Photo #5 Petr says goodbye to Phipps:

...and in photo #6, Petr says hello to new little brother Max! Hopefully they'll get along and have lots more adventures to share with the Show!

Many thanks to Gill and Stephanie for sharing their pictures with us! More are coming soon. :)


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