Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pictures from Last Night

As most of you know, good Friend of The Show Carlie D. went to last night's game at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY. (Recall that we all encouraged her to wear her Pens jersey to the game.) She wrote to tell us all about her night and sent in a ton of pics for us:
I want to start by saying that during the warmups I CAUGHT A PUCK!! So you know how all the players skate by (SO FREAKING FAST)? Well I was so happy that I got a picture of Cookie Monster (see below), but then he slowed down, started scanning the crowd, and looked RIGHT AT ME. He made a gesture with his head that he was going to throw the puck over the glass to me. In slow motion (or at least it SEEMED that way), he tossed it over and I caught it! And the thing is, I usually can't catch to save my life. But my hand hit it, it bounced back up, then I almost lost it again, and closed it on the inside of my elbow!

I was the ONLY one in our section, and I mean the ONLY one in our section with a Pens jersey. It was worth it, though, since Sid got 2 goals! (He also got the 3rd star of the night.) Oh, and Paul Gaustad scored 2 goals, correct? Well that's the Sabres jersey I have! Apparently I pick the right jerseys. ;) I made a pact with my mom that when the Penguins scored I wouldn't stand up and rub it in too bad, but I couldn't contain myself! There were these jerks behind me that would yell RIGHT at the back of my head,"CROSBY SUUUUUUUUUUCKSSSSSSS!!!" So when Sidney scored (both times!), I promptly slapped the back of my jersey! [snoop: Nice!! ;)] LOL!!! And I'm like,"Oh yeah baby! I DID wear the right jersey!" It was soooooooo fun to rub it in!

Ok. One more thing. My mom was standing over in the Pens "zone" for warmups with her Sabres garb on. So Dan Potash looked RIGHT at her and pointed to himself and mouthed, "What's with that?!" and she mouthed back,"Look at what zone I'm in though!" And he was like,"You got a point!." It was so funny! Max was chewing BUBBLE GUM during the warmup. BUBBLE GUM!! I thought that was rather strange.

On the Jumbotron they were finding people in the audience that looked like the kids from the Brady Bunch. They found this one random girl in the audience and compared her to one of the Brady girls. Then they zoomed in on these two guys in a luxury box and compared them to two of the Brady boys. Well, it was actually them! My mom said that they have been there before. They both started laughing. It was awesome to know that they are still not too good to go to a hockey game.:) And also Andrechuk got his own little mini ceremony since he is now in the hall of fame. He starting saying how Perrault was one of his mentors, and how he always loved it here in Buffalo. Today we read in the paper that he was surprised that we gave him a standing ovation. He felt that since he won the cup with Tampa that he like felt bad that his success was after he left. I don't know. It was awesome though!

Ok, now I will describe the pictures. :) These are just random ones of Dan Potash and an overhead view:

Orpik getting interviewed by Dan:

Sidney stretching and skating:

This one is so funny! Seka and Sidney's sticks looked combined to make a pitch fork! LOL!!

Sidney and Jordan:

Awesome shot of Tank! He skated RIGHT by!!!


Curry and Sabourin skating together:

GENO!!!!!! (again):

The dynamic duo!:)


Sid and Gronk:



The back of Geno's head:


Ha! This is a picture of Geno's quite strange stretching routine! Lol!


And last but not least, Boucher:

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Carlie! :)

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