Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Siddo-less All Star Game - Again

For the second consecutive year, Siddo managed to get the most votes for the All Star Games. He even broke the all-time record for number of votes this year. But, also for the second consecutive year, he will forgo the festivities in favor of a week of resting and (hopefully!) healing.

We'll have to wait yet another year to see a sight like this again.

Quite honestly, this is good news to me. I was actually kind of apprehensive because, at this time yesterday, he was still considering participating. Let's face it - while the All Star Games are entertaining to watch (particularly the skills competitions), we're all in this for one thing: another Stanley Cup. And since the All Star Games don't mean anything in the race for Lord Stanley's Mug, it's much better that our captain miss the event lest he risk aggravating his already ailing knee. I don't want to have to create another Sidney Crosby Injury Monitor for this season! A week of R & R will do him (and our collective peace of mind) well. All is not lost, however. The All Star Games will still have Penguins representation from GENO!! :)

Get well soon, Siddo!

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