Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pens v Islanders

There's BIG news to tell you tonight.

First and foremost, Siddo is not playing tonight. He sustained a groin injury on Sunday. It's an injury he's had before, so hopefully it's just a slight aggravation and nothing that's going to keep him off the ice for too long.

Also out is Ryan Whitney, who has gone back home for "personal reasons." Hopefully, this is an explanation for his recent, um, "shaky" performance. And hopefully, this means he'll get his stuff together and get his focus back on hockey.

Now, I promised a LONG time ago that I was going to catch up on the Roaming Penguins. I have reluctantly come to the realization that this isn't going to be possible without getting help. Over the past couple days, I've gotten that help - from the Roaming Penguin Mama herself! She has set up what will now be TSCS's sister site (, and she will be taking over all the Roamer posts. And rest assured: If you sent me a Roaming Penguin email that hasn't yet been posted, I still have it in my inbox and it will be forwarded to RPM so she can get those pictures posted for all the Friends to see.

For your convenience, I'll be adding a link to the Roaming Penguins blog to the main menu once I get some time this week to edit the TSCS template. (You'll know it when you see it!) And anytime she adds a new post, I'll be sure to make you all aware of it. I'm really pumped about this partnership, and I hope all of you will be, too!

Tonight the Boys will be in friendly territory when they take on the Islanders. We need all the wins we can get.

DO IT!!!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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