Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Game 1 Tickets Are Still Available!!!!

If you are signed up for the Pens Mobile Alerts, you probably got a text about this in the last hour or so. If not, the Pens have released a few more tickets for Game 1!!! Also, they will be releasing some tomorrow! So if you wanted to go and missed out on getting a ticket when they went on sale last week, this is your chance! Visit Ticketmaster.com for details and GOOD LUCK! :)

On a related note, Ticketmaster = EPIC FAIL. I've been to two other playoff games in my life - Game 1 last season, and Game 3 the season before last. Both times I purchased tickets and had them mailed to my house, just as I do with any other game for which I buy tickets. Both of those times, we received our playoff tickets before we even went to the home closer. The tickets simply said "Opponent and Date and Time TBA." This season, however, for whatever reason, Ticketmaster didn't even print the tickets until yesterday. (I know this because I called them.) Because I don't trust that I'll get my mail before I leave for Pittsburgh tomorrow, I've had to report my tickets as "lost tickets" and will have to pick up the replacement tickets at the box office tomorrow.

One day until The Pennsylvania Civil War. The Keystone state will never be the same.


That is precisely what I am trying to avoid when I choose the option to have them mailed to my home. I've never picked up tickets at the box office before, so now I'm worried that I'll be standing in line forever to get them. >:( I'd totally not buy tickets from Ticketmaster ever again - if they didn't have a freaking monopoly on the industry!!! (Too bad not enough other entertainers supported Pearl Jam's efforts to lower the fees for fans...)

I haven't heard anything about the Pens having a whiteout this year. That never really made sense to me anyways, as the away teams usually have predominately white uniforms. I think when Siddo requested it, he probably meant something LIKE the whiteout, except instead it would be a blackout with the Pens' home unis. So I haven't decided on whether to wear my home jersey or my away jersey. The home jersey is from the beginning of Sid's rookie year, so it doesn't even have an A on the chest. But the away jersey is the new Reebok jersey, complete with the captain's C.

Anyhoo, I won't be doing a traditional recap of Game 1 for obvious reasons. I'll have some photos (and hopefully a decent video or two!) posted sometime Thursday afternoon. Look for a TSCS Pep Rally post tomorrow. I'll have it scheduled to publish an hour before the game starts.

Until then...

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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