Monday, May 04, 2009

Round 2 Game 2: Pens v Caps (L 3-4)

Three things. Power play improvement. Sid can't win this series on his own. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, somebody PLEASE start covering A-hOle™!!


First Period
Both teams must have had their Wheaties this morning because both came out hitting harder in the first period than they did at any point in Game 1. Flower started the night with a wicked save on A-hOle™. Not surprisingly, A-hOle™ was being, well, an a-hole by trying to get something going with TK at the benches. Brooksie and Semin (← I'd make up a mean nickname for him but I think his actual name is worse than anything I could ever think of) mixed it up. It worked out in our favor because while Brooks went to the box for roughing, Semin went for hi-sticking and he got the extra penalty - a retaliatory roughing. Laich lost his stick at one point during the Pens' power play. Sarge hooked a long shot from the blue line towards the net that, as if to prove a point, Siddo banged in for the PPG. [Pens 1, Caps 0] It might be the most well-documented goal of all time:

There were several more penalties in the 1st. Staal was charged with charging, and Flower kept the Caps from scoring with another nice save on A-hOle™. Letang was nailed with a crappy tripping penalty, but the Caps didn't score. Letang got a scoring chance of his own with a breakaway right out of the box, but Varlamov stopped him. Tank showed how he got the nickname by absolutely leveling Fehr.

When asked by Versus reporter Christine Simpson if the game would be decided by special teams, Caps head coach Bruce Boudreau said that it would indeed "if we keep being stupid!!" LOL - you've gotta love his honesty! A 4-on-4 was the result of a slashing penalty to Guerin and an elbowing penalty to Clark. Again, Flower made a great save on A-hOle™. Poti was hit with an interference call for hitting our Captain when the puck was nowhere in sight. Then, during the power play, Green was called for tripping. The Pens had a 46 second 5-on-3 during which Siddo's shot was stoned by Varly's pad. They didn't score on the remainder of the Green's penalty. Flower closed the period out with a nifty save - he bounced the puck twice with his stick and caught it and pulled it close to his chest.

Second Period
FACT: Alex Ovechkin is a diver. He dove harder than Greg Louganis in the second period. And therefore, because we saw him do it once, it will now remain a fact that he is a diver for the rest of his days in the NHL.

Early on, Flower lost his stick and things got a little hairy. Flower weathered that storm, but after our D-men left A-hOle™ alone on the wing for the umpteenth time, he banged one home to tie the game. [Pens 1, Caps 1] With the assist on that goal, The Hair (Federov) surpassed Le Magnifique as the 15th best all time playoff point scorer. The announcers treated it as if it was a huge accomplishment, but forgive me if I'm less than impressed. I'd KILL to see what Mario's numbers would have been had he been blessed enough for a career as lengthy as Federov's.

Dupuis was called for delay of game for clearing the puck over the glass. The Caps didn't score on their advantage. Geno made a smart play at center ice that made me smile - he used A-hOle's™ own momentum against him to flatten him on the ice. A few minutes later, that smile turned into a yell when Sid parked himself in front of the net and banged another one into the back of the net. SIDDO STRIKES AGAIN!!! [Pens 2, Caps 1] To monitor the progress, we were told that in this game, A-hOle™ had 9 shots resulting in 1 goal, while our Captain had 4 shots resulting in 2. :)

Geno set up an unreal play after he got his own rebound and sent it out front to Tank, who had a look at the open cage, but Green managed to tighten up against the post and help his goalie block the shot. Sid made a nice defensive block in his own zone. But a few minutes later, Steckel tied the game when he (wait for it...) found himself alone on the wing. [Pens 2, Caps 2]

Towards the end of the period, A-hOle™ dove. He dove HARD. He and Kuni collided at center ice, and A-hOle™ went down like it was his job. Even Doc Emerick said, "Sometimes you put the 'No Soliciting' sign out front but the salesman comes anyways." Absolutely terrible. Disgraceful. Hypocritical. And delicious because I, for one, will never again look at him as anything but a diver from now until the day he retires. (Note: If you're a Caps fan and you think that sounds completely stupid, now you know how you sound.) The Caps didn't score on their ill-gotten advantage.

Third Period
Orpik took a high hit from Green. Flower made a great save on Semin. Geno was hauled down by Jurcina, who was cited for interference. The Pens again didn't score on their power play, which obviously still needs a lot of work. And then things went downhill - FAST. Immediately following the end of Jurcina's penalty, Geno was called for tripping. The go ahead goal came 4 seconds later courtesy of the diver himself. [Pens 2, Caps 3] Again, he was all by himself out on that wing. WHY WAS NO ONE CHALLENGING HIM?!

About 2½ minutes later, A-hOle-diver™ (think the Caps fans are getting as sick of it as we have been yet?) banged another one home for the hattie. [Pens 2, Caps 4] The Pens pulled Flower, and Siddo got taken down by for a power play. The kept the net empty, and after whacking away three times, Siddo got his first career playoff hat trick. [Pens 3, Caps 4]

WOOOOOOOOO!!! Here's a virtual hat for Siddo's hattie!!

And then the clock ticked down, blah, blah, blah. Now not only do we have to work on our power play, we also have to remind our defenders to DEFEND against the league's top goal scorer! W.T.F! Oh, and HOW ABOUT SOME SECONDARY SCORING, PLEASE?!?!?! Seriously, Sid can't win this on his own!

We bring it to our house on Wednesday.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!

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