Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Talk About A Pick-Me-Up!

I have got THE. BEST. Friends. EVER!!!

All of your well wishes over the week about my health and that of my golden retriever just serve to remind me why I love doing The Show so much. You guys are absolutely amazing! I really can't thank you enough. It truly means the world to me. Oh yes, and thanks go out to those who regulated the guy that needlessly jumped all over my sister's comment in The Friends' Zone.

I'm happy to report both Baylee and I are doing a little better. I went to the doctor yesterday and, while I'm still pretty ill, I hope to be better before the weekend, and we got a steroid prescription and an area rug to make getting up easier for Bay. He appears to be getting stronger, so keep your fingers crossed... :)

The reason I decided to post today is because of this: I've been quoted in the same Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as MARIO freaking LEMIEUX!!! (Also quoted in the article is good Friend of The Show Lauren H.!) Reporter Sharon Eberson contacted me by email a few days ago to ask me why I run The Show. Specifically, "What is it about Sid?" she asked. You can see my response in the article. :D

What a feeling! It's unreal to be mentioned on the same website when I get a shout out from Seth of Empty Netters, but within the same article as Le Magnifique?! I think I might print that one out and frame it!

I still don't know if I'll be doing a recap for tomorrow's Game 4 (I've been watching them from my bed and going right to sleep afterwards), so I'll say it now:

Let's DO IT, Boys! Tie this series up!!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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