Monday, May 25, 2009

Siddo in Hello!

Our Captain was recently named to Hello! Canada Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful Canadians list. I've located the photo for you. Break out a good bottle of wine because the caption is chock FULL o'cheese:

Sidney Crosby
Hometown: Cole Harbour, N.S.

At the tender age of 21, Sidney is one wanted man.
Not only did the sizzling Pittsburgh Penguins player
cause a firestorm of excitement by becoming the
youngest NHL captain in history, Sidney also sets his
female fans' hearts ablaze - both on and off the ice!

Hahaha, no wonder the Boys stole Versus reporter Chris Simpson's copy!! Oy! Poor Siddo will probably never live this one down. ;)

The puck finally drops in Raleigh tomorrow. Let's DO IT and close the book on this series!

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

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