Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's great basking in the afterglow of the big Game 7 win. Let's indulge for a moment or two with a few things to help us celebrate. First, the ratings for the game were 25 rating in Pittsburgh (what ever that means, haha!), making it the highest rated NHL game in Pittsburgh ever. :-O WOW! Second, there's this new cartoon from that Friend of The Show Melissa G. sent in to share with everyone:

And then there is this piece of journalistic gold that good Friend Mike @ Japan spotted. It is a "Message to Semin" authored by writer Jim Kelley. There's so much comeuppance for Semin in it that I may, as Mike suggested, print it out and frame it. ;) It was tough to narrow it down, but I picked this section out as a teaser:
...among the many lessons you and your teammates should learn from this series there are two that should rate high on your personal list:

1) Never call out a player who is skilled, intense, superbly talented and has a hunger to win in ways you have never imagined let alone are likely to learn.
2) If you do, at least raise the level of your game to something other than a remake of The Invisible Man.
And that's just the beginning! It just keeps getting better after that. Read it in its entirety here. Confidential to those who think Kelley is "kicking a guy when he's down" - A.) of course Kelley had to wait until after the series to write this article because Semin still had a (slim) chance to pick up his game, which would have made this rant irrelevant, and B.) maybe now Semin will think twice before he runs his mouth about someone who is FAR more talented and skilled, classier, and just plain better at life in general than he is because he can and WILL get called on it.

Finally tonight, here is a wallpaper sized version of the photo of the Pens celebrating their complete and utter pwnage of the Caps:

(Click to enlarge)

Now the time for celebration is over because we have to buckle down and prepare for Round 3. I am watching the Ducks and the Wings play their Game 7 because for some reason Versus thinks I'd rather watch that than the Game 7 that will determine which team our Boys will be facing in the ECFs, and the NHL Network is running a bunch of shows about different team captains. Instead, I will have to wait as Versus will join the Bruins and the Canes for their Game 7 already in progress once the Ducks and the Wings are done. >:(

Many thanks to Friends Melissa and Mike for their help with tonight's post, and a hundred thousand belated thanks are owed to Renee, Melissa (again), Jaime, and Cheryl G. for their contributions to the Four Things post. I was so completely distracted by the impending Game 7 that I completely forgot to thank them.

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