Saturday, May 16, 2009

Practice Must Have Been Fun

The following eight pics were taken at this morning's practice at the Igloo. The first four can be enlarged by clicking them; the second four are shown full-sized. Judging by the fact that every player (and the Coach!) in each of these shots is shown grinning like the butcher's dog, it is safe to assume that today was a good day:

This looks like a confident team, no? I can't help but feel good about this... :)

A very good Friend of The Show who wishes to remain anonymous sent me two very high quality pictures from Game 7. Both of these shots are HUGE! Click each of them to see the originals and, if your connection speed isn't the greatest, you'll have to wait a sec or two for the full-sized versions to download.

The first one is of Flower's wicked save on A-hOle™:

The second is a great shot of Siddo scoring his first of two goals of the night:

Thanks so much for sharing the great pics, Anon!! :)

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