Thursday, May 21, 2009

Round 3 Game 2: Pens v Canes (W 7-4)

Indeed! :)

Check this out. The folks at PSAMP found this sweet video of Saint Siddo teaching Mario's son Austin the art of stick handling. It is truly something to behold how good our Captain really is:

Okay, after two weeks days off, it's time to drop the puck. FYI: If we would go to a Game 7 (which it won't because we're taking this one in 6!), this series would take an unreal 16 days to complete because Game 7, if it is needed, isn't scheduled until June 2!! Yeesh. Anyhoo, let's win this and take a 2 game series lead down south!

First Period
Siddo wasn't happy with the way he played in Game 1. So tonight he opened the night with a nice clean goal less than two minutes into the game. [Pens 1, Canes 0] It was his 13th goal of the playoffs, giving him the lead in the NHL. Incidentally, it was also the 6th time in this playoff season that Siddo has scored the first goal of the game - an NHL record. :) One minute 16 seconds later, Larose beat Gill to a loose puck in the corner of the blue paint. [Pens 1, Canes 1] Seidenberg collided with Adams at center ice in the second knee-on-knee hit of this series.

After a few minutes of weird chippy play where the puck wanted to be everywhere but on the ice, our beastly 3rd line went to work. TK was making a wrap-around attempt when, seemingly out of nowhere, Geno came swooping in, fresh off the bench, to bang the leftovers home. [Pens 2, Canes 1] His parents were shown swinging their towels. But we had a moment of deja vu: just 25 seconds later, Jokinen got the equalizer off a big, bouncing rebound. [Pens 2, Canes 2]

Following a period of Canes offense, Letang demonstrated the world's worst clearing attempt by giving the puck right to Seidenberg, who fired a hard shot that found its way through traffic and into the back of the net. [Pens 2, Canes 3]

After a relatively well disciplined 15 minutes, Kuni took a penalty for high sticking right off a faceoff. The Pens' penalty kill was more offense than defense. It was brilliant and kept the Canes from even coming close to scoring. Cullen later shoved Siddo into Flower. With 1:10 left in the period, Larose was penalized for tripping Brooksie. The Canes kept the Pens from getting anything going in their abbreviated power play.

Second Period
The Pens started the period with some time left with a man advantage. Letang hit the post, so the Pens didn't score. As the penalty ended, Sid was hauled down, so he, in turn, hauled a guy down. Versus refused to show a better angle, so I can't tell you what happened exactly. I can tell you that Sid was hit with a tripping penalty. On the penalty kill, Superstar to Adams nearly resulted in a shorty. The Canes didn't score on their power play. If you look the word CLUTCH up in the dictionary, you will surely see Max Talbot's face. Siddo came out of the box and got back in play. A few seconds later, he sent a long lead pass to Superstar at center ice and unchallenged. He went one on one against one of the best goalies in the league - and won. [Pens 3, Canes 3]

Play got even more physical. Walker sent Geno flying. Cullen kept irritating our Captain. First he tried to give Sid a face wash with his stick, then he tripped Sid, and then he whacked him in the face with a high stick. He was finally busted for the final infraction. During the power play, Versus interviewed Slapshot's Dave Hanson and his son Christian. Despite rapid fire offense with really great chances, the Pens didn't add to their tally.

Just after the penalty ended, a scrum erupted on the ice. There were sticks and gloves everywhere, and when all was said and done, Geno and Larose were hit with coincidental roughing minors. On the ensuing 4-on-4, Scudsi made the save of a lifetime. Gronk nearly got a goal. But then Tank was called for tripping the elder Staal. The Canes had 46 seconds with the man advantage on the 4-on-3. But it was killed beautifully by Cooker, Adams, and Scudsi. Geno came streaking out of the box and tried to set up a play for a shorty, but his pass was a tad too hard. The Canes didn't score on the remainder of Tank's penalty.

We saw another 4-on-4 when Cole was called for holding at the same time Gonch was nailed for interference. Siddo showed us one more time why he's the best in the world when he faked, curled, dragged, and fired a shot that forced Ward to make the save of a lifetime for the Canes. Neither team scored on the 4-on-4. In the last minute of the period, the Pens unleashed an offensive onslaught. Just as the Versus announcers were talking about how the Canes' defenders had to be out of gas, Kuni ended his 19 game scoring drought with a big shot with only 7.3 seconds left in the period. [Pens 4, Canes 3]

Third Period
Early in the 3rd, Eaves tied it up. [Pens 4, Canes 4] Fans of lesser teams would have gotten nervous, but not us - we know we've got a few TRICKS up our sleeves... ;) Cullen tripped Siddo again. The Pens didn't score on the resulting power play. Following a hard working shift, just as the crowd began a "GE-NO!!" chant, he responded in kind by stuffing one in behind Ward. [Pens 5, Canes 4] His parents are shown again. They are adorable.

A while later, Geno was tripped right in front of an official who decided not to call it. Geno responded to that with an amazing move off the next faceoff. He came from behind the net, went around the side, spun around to protect the puck, and fired a backhand shot that found its way over Ward and into the net at the far top corner. [Pens 6, Canes 4] HATTIE FOR GENO!!!! Also, tonight was Geno's 5th consecutive multiple point playoff games - tying a record with Lemagnifique. Geno's father was shown planting kisses on Geno's mom. They are awesome. :)

Adams hit Larose with two consecutive monster hits; Larose followed him as he went to the bench for a change and hit him from behind. That cowardly, dirty move went unnoticed by the officials. Flower made an unbelievable save on Cole. With 2:25 left in the game, Ward was pulled in favor of the extra attacker, but after a quick whistle, he was put back in for the next faceoff. He was gone again at the 2:05 mark, and a few seconds later, our 3rd line worked in tandem to get the puck down deep, and TK scored an empty netter. [Pens 7, Canes 4]

There aren't any pics of TK's goal up yet, so I thought I'd close with a good laugh. ;)

With 1:19 left in the game, Bayda put a late hit on Letang then had the audacity to confront Letang about it. The teams erupted in a scrum. This time, two full-on fights took place simultaneously: Letang v Gleason and Satan v Eaves. Adding injury to insult, both men in the black sweaters won their fights. However, they were all hit with serious penalties:
Tim Gleason : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Patrick Eaves : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Miroslav Satan : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Kris Letang : Fighting (maj) - 5 min
Ryan Bayda served by Ray Whitney : Match penalty - 5 min
Kris Letang : Game misconduct - 0 min
Siddo and Geno were shown smirking on their bench, while all of the Canes were shown on their benches looking like they've already lost the series. The atmosphere was tense; the teams were constantly just on the edge of a brawl. The officials must have felt it, too, because Seidenberg was immediately called for cross-checking Adams, but then Adams was hit for elbowing Seidenberg in the first place. No matter - the clock finally ticked to 0:00 and we're heading down south with a delicious 2 games to none series lead.

We don't have to wait 2 days this time. We're in their house on Saturday.



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