Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pens v Canadiens

There are TONS of good stories and videos on the Pens' website right now. Actually, if that's not a regular stop in your daily web travels, you're seriously missing out.

Another piece of the Penguins puzzle is back - Gogo is in tonight's lineup. That means all of our D-men are healthy again [*KNOCKS ON WOOD*] leaving only forward Kuni as the last injured Penguin yet to return.

From Stanley Cup winners to Santa's helpers - this team is amazing. :)

Siddo and Rupp are dominating the team right now; both are playing out of their minds. Tank seems to be struggling a little bit - he's been playing really well and seems to be doing everything right but that goal just keeps eluding him. At this point, it's likely now more of a mental wall that's blocking him, so look for his points total to blow up once he finally breaks it.

Even though we ultimately lost to the Canes on Monday, the way the Boys were able to mount an almost-comeback demonstrates that there really isn't a problem to worry about. Obviously, in an 82 game season we're not going to win them all. That said, I want this particular losing streak to end at 2.

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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