Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pens v Flames (& Wild Game Fan Pics!)

Brew a pot o' coffee - it's a late one tonight! The Boys continue their 2010 West Coast tour in Calgary to face Jarome Iginla and the Flames. Courtesy of good Friends of The Show Susan and Joeceff, I've got some reading material to keep you busy until the puck drops:
At a time when Tiger Woods, Mark McGwire, and Gilbert Arenas dominate the sports headlines for all the wrong reasons, in flies Sidney Crosby to remind us all it’s still safe to have heroes.
Read the rest of the Toronto Sun article here.

Also in the news: The FSN Pittsburgh employee responsible for the Flyers-disallowed-goal-footage-to-Toronto FAIL was suspended.

Brooksie skated and Superstar is playing on the "second" line alongside Geno and Tank - a position more than deserved for a player whose middle name is "CLUTCH."

Longtime Friend Cathy F. sent a link to a new Tim Horton's commercial featuring our title man. It's another good one! Look for two blasts from Siddo's past...

Check out these shots from Monday's Wild game that West Coast Friend Lauren C. (who had a pretty AMAZING seat!) sent in for us:

And finally tonight, for my Friends who aren't my friends on Facebook, here is a new shot of the Red Baron wearing his shiny new shamrock name tag:

So many thanks go out to Susan, Joeceff, Cathy, and Lauren for their respective contributions to tonight's post. :) Now it's time to ICE the Flames! (Um, did I mention I'm terrible at smack talk?)

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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