Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sorry, Capital!


"Ovechkin" is Russian for "loser."

Hey, at least we took the Bolts to seven. ;)

After the dismal way our season ended, I just had to post this photo of A-hOle™ so we could take a little solace in the fact that even without our two biggest stars, our Boys still put up a better showing than the Capitals did. ;)

Haha, here's one more because I never get tired of seeing him in post-elimination handshake lines. XD

So, yeah, I missed blogging the rest of our series... well, that was unintentional, I assure you. This photography class I'm taking is consuming so much more time than I ever anticipated. (But I'm not complaining; it is wicked fun!) Hopefully I'll learn some tricks to use next season at the CEC when - [*crosses fingers*] - our title man returns to the ice healthy and ready for a run at Cup #2. ;) Actually, since my class will end in mid-June, I will be checking in here throughout the summer, especially when contract news is announced or (of course!) when Siddo's medical status is updated.

Until next time...


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