Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meeting Sidney

Yesterday, Pens fans everywhere got a FANTASTIC bit of news: Siddo has reportedly resumed on-ice workouts an agonizing seven months after having his season cut short by a concussion. And on that happy note, I've got something else pretty cool to share with you.

Last weekend, I received an email from Friend of The Show Andrew C. who had a story he wanted to share with all of us:
I have been following the website for a long time. [snoop: Thanks, Andrew!] I am a huge fan of Pittsburgh and of course Sid. I live in Halifax and was on a field trip with my students when, who we do we see working out with his trainer?? Sidney! He was very nice. I waited until he was finished with the workout on his leg, and when he was finished, he introduced himself, answered my questions, and took a photo with me.

He is a very nice guy. I was nervous and shaking and tried to keep it in (LOL). In all of the excitement, I did not even think about asking for an autograph but thats ok [because] it was the best moment.
Here's the photo of Andrew with our Captain:

How convenient was it that Andrew had on his Aeropostale 87 shirt? ;)

Thanks SO much to Andrew for sharing his experience with all of us. :)

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