Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Prediction Sidney Crosby's Production

So, just how good will Sidney Crosby be this year? With the new NHL rules in effect, and a lineup full of other offensive stars, the environment is there for Crosby to put up some numbers...just don't expect him to challenge Teemu's Sellane's rookie scoring records.

The Sports Forecaster is the most generous with Crosby, predicting Sid Vicious to produce 28-59-87PTS in 82GP.

McKeen's Magazine is more conservative with an estimate of 79GP 25-36-61PTS.

As for myself, I tend to go on the conservative side and I'll predict 75GP 27-35-62PTS.

Oh, and he'll take home the Calder trophy. They've already etched his name on it ;)

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